Thursday, January 12, 2006

Another Moleskine Hack

I read a page on the moleskinerie recently that had a hack like this. The guy used a ribbon and cut a couple of slots into the ribbon threaded a pen into the slots and glued the ends and slipped it around the cover of his mole and voila! A nifty penholder. I made mine a little different; I used a 1 and a quarter stripe of leather, eyelets to attach and then threaded my pen through the open slot at the top.

It’s not very useful for me because I always keep my space pen in my pocket. I’m going to try and use it for some of my pens but I fits the space pen best, I’m going to try and make a couple of these larger for different sized pens.

They are not exactly easy to make but not hard either. Anyway, check them out.

INstructions later.


Speedmaster said...

Well done! Looking forward to the instructions.


b.mole said...

hi ur clip is nice, i would like to ask how to make those pin on leather? is there any tool for it?

Comfortable Shoes Studio said...

The "pins" are eyelets. If you have a craft storenear you they are in the scrapbook section. They come in all colors and sizes. I use 1/8th size. There is a tool, it's called an eyelet setter. You place it on the back side of the eyelet and hit it with a hammer.

Hope that helps