Sunday, February 05, 2006

Out of COntrol

Everyone will have to forgive me for going AWOL over the last few weeks. Work has been hellish and I’ve been there a lot. When I haven’t been at the DayJob I’ve been sleeping. In addition to being at work a lot I’ve been fighting off a “wicked nasty” sinus infection. I feel like the worst of it has abated and that I can finally move on with my life. Nothing worse than being sick in a way that doesn’t really show itself other than a runny nose and flushed cheeks. I need a good 4 days off in a row some time soon so that I can rest and recuperate from the BS at work. It’s been a trial. I’ve been very close to quitting on several occasions and the only thing that has stopped me is not being able to pay rent.

I’ve been painting a lot in my moleskine, little sketches, thoughts on work, life events and the media. It’s all I can do with all that’s going on to keep creative.

I have done a few books over the last few weeks. I’ll post some pictures when I have the time. I only have one day off in the next week and a half thought hopefully I’ll get some half days.

(Title is from a She Wants Revenge song. If you like depeche mde at all check them out. It's a little darker than I usually go with my music but very very good.)


r.e.wolf said...

I have a question. I'm trying to understand the Moleskine phenomenon. You make such gorgeous journals - so why, then, do you use a Moleskine for your sketches? What is it about them that you prefer over your own creations?

Comfortable Shoes Studio said...

the one reason I like them currently is that my time is at a premium so Ibdon't have the time (and energy) to make my own which I would by far prefer. However there is a lot to like about a moleskine, namely the sze. I use a small sized sketch mole and I can carry it discretly in my back hip pocket. Theree a lot of things I hate abut moles too- espcially how the water beads up ot he surface of the paper and how easily the spine tears. Right now the prference isn't for the mole but for my time.

r.e.wolf said...

Ahh, thank you - that makes sense.
I'm currently trying to sort out the mystery of the moleskine popularity, so I hoped you wouldn't mind me asking!

Already at #stapleday in my pocket notebook. #lifelonglearning #stationery #penaddict

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