Saturday, April 14, 2007

pictures soon

Phew it’s been quite the week. I’ve been unbelievably ill but in a way that makes me feel like a wimp for saying that I’m sick. What does that mean? I’ve had a nasty stomach flu that has been going around, I’ll leave it at that- you don’t want details. That being the case I’ve not done much in the way of listing things to eBay, until this weekend. I’ll also be updating my etsy site as well.

I’ve been working on a stack of book blocks and various book projects. I sadly had to turn down an order because of the size of the paper, they wanted a hedgehog 400 pages long but filled with heavy larger paper that I just don’t have access to. It’s a long convoluted story that I find frustrating. IN this case even iof I had bought the paper cutter I so desperately desire I would not be able to cut the paper to their desired size- yes it was that large. Anyway.

I also have been avoiding having my taxes done. Doing my taxes fills me with an anxiety I can’t quite describe, ever since I had to pay taxes into the state of Maine I’ve hated doing my taxes. So last year I went to H&R block to have mine done and it was much better, this year I did the same and I’m happy to say that I’m getting a wonderful return. Next year I will remember that as long as I have everything all together it only takes a half hour for them to enter everything in and it will not be bad and that I do not have to avoid it.

I had to drive into Cambridge 2 days in a row for the DayJob, I’ll tell you that I will avoid that if at all possible in the future. Morning traffic into the city is terrible and wears me down.

That being all well and good I”ll do another update with more pictures and details of the books I’ve listed.


Swan said...

I find doing the taxes dreadful as well. H&R Block is no use for us. At least the people at the branch we went to were totally incompetent. They seemed to be only able to do the straightforward part, it was like US holding HER hands while she filled in the forms. And when it came to the part that was difficult for us, she had no clue. Needless to say, we're never going back to H&R Block.

Comfortable Shoes Studio said...

I found that there is a huge difference in locations. The place I went when I was in Wakefield was barely competent while the woman this year knew everything inside and out. My first year it took and hour and a half to get my taxes done and this year under a half hour. I was hugely impressed. I did think that they should have investigated if I had been there before and figure out what services I would need before assigning a person. Next year I'm going back to teh same person. She was awesome.

Trade mail call! Love it!thanks so much @klpeabody

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