Wednesday, September 05, 2007

eBay sucks

Again eBay renews my love hate relationship for them. I listed 6 items using my templates. Everything looked good, bids were coming in, and then I got up this AM to find 3 of my 6 listings had been taken down, by eBay. I had a form email in my email telling me what I had done wrong- used LIKE in my title. I’ve been listing items for YEARS with LIKE in the title. Never once have I received an email telling me that I can’t do that.

When a listing is placed, if there are words in the title that uses a prohibited word their listing format should tell a seller when it may violate eBay’s rules, that way a seller can amend it then rather than have it taken down by eBay.

Here again eBay screws the little seller selling low cost items.

So if you are interested or are bidding on my current batch of items be aware that eBay may or may not take them down.

I’m not sure how I’m going to proceed from here.


postal orphan said...

How stupid is this?!?! And Ebay isn't even consistent with this policy - I've seen dozens of other listings with things like "not some_brand_name" in the title that don't get pulled - to me, those are a flagrant violation of the policy, while yours is an honest comparison. I'm high bidder on one of the remaining auctions - I guess I won't be surprised now if it gets pulled, too. Sheesh!

Comfortable Shoes Studio said...

It seems eBay was doing a huge sweep earlier this week on these items. I noticed that a lot of items with keyword spamming came down. However after Wednesday it seemed to have stopped. So I'm wondering if they are going to do sweeps for a few weeks to get rid of all the keyword spamming and diminish it in the future. Luckily for me when they took down the listings they refunded my fees.

Lee-Roy said...

Why can't you have the word "like?" I don't get it. I'm a bit disgruntled with eBay lately as well, but as a buyer. I bought a used computer that turned out to be defective and they're doing NOTHING to help me. Maybe there's more I could be doing, but who has the energy? Getting swindled is depressing.

Comfortable Shoes Studio said...

@lee-roy I'm shocked that ebay isn't helping you. I'm not being sarcastic. I know that their customer service has gone downhill lately but thats amazing. they usually are really crazy about it. If you paid through paypal you can go after it that way, but man I hate it when bad sellers screw everything for the rest of us. I mean I'm painfully honest and try to be as transparent as I can to make things more comfortable for other, but some people are just crappy sellers and don't care.

Anonymous said...

twice ebay has stopped me from selling a peice of ham radio equipment because they THINK it might be an illegal item that could be used on cb radio :(

Then I was paid for an item thru paypal and 2 days later the person that bought it decided to beat me out of the money. he called his bank and had payment stopped and paypal withdrew the money from my account and billed me for it... whats wrong with this picture?

Frank said...

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everydaypanos said...

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7 dollar secrets said...

eBay customer service does a disservice to customers.

Anonymous said...

eBay takes your listings down because a competitor will get 6 unlinked accounts and report the listing. eBay's listing report system is done by bots and those bots just auto-remove a listing if several unlinked accounts report it.

There's a site Random Plaza that is designed to fix all problems with eBay and other community marketplace websites. -- Read the features.

The site is free to list and puts everything on google product search, but despite this it has been impossible to get sellers to list. As it is, advertising can't be bought until there's lots of products and I can't list a hundred thousand myself.

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