Tuesday, October 18, 2005


I had a request for a reporter style hedgie. So i made it. these are exactly like my other hedgies, sans bookmarker. These are lined per the request of the gentleman who requested them.

I also made 10 hedgies in 3 days. I sped the process up by using the pre-cut paper. It greatly increased my efficency. I found that I did make a few mistakes in regards to gluing, but those were easily remedied. The one mistake I made that could NOT be fixed was when I cut holes in a navy hedgie and also cut throught he book mark. That one will go up on ebay. Sigh. I was tired and should have stopped working about an hour before i cut those holes.

Here's the family shot:


Anonymous said...

I am the guy that forced Leslie to make 10 Hedgehogs in 3 days (I ordered 8 of them from her). I am going on a business trip to China and thought that these hand-made beautiful books would make excellent gifts for my Chinese friends.

I recently received my 'Franken Journals' and some other work Leslie has done for me, and let me say WOW. For the money, this lady can really produce some great work that's unique and awesome. The deerskin sketchbook is so supple that my kids can't stop touching it!


Comfortable Shoes Studio said...

Thanks Bart. And hey, You didn't make me! I could have said no! Its always good to push boundaries of what i do- I lets me know what I can do!