Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Promises Promises

Well, the siding has mostly gone back up on the house but they haven't finished the porch, where my mailbox is located. fear not! Books have gone in the mail!

Here to fulfill my promise of book pictures are some pictures!

It's 200 pages of eaton 24lb, 25% cotton cream coloredpaper. The cover is oil tanned sheep hide. It's awesomely soft but tough leather, dulling razor blades quickly. the sewing is a linking long stitch in a butterfly pattern in unbleach irish linen sewn onto stations. The inner paper is some paper that I keep calling chiri paper but isn't. (Chiri paper is white with green, gray and brown flecks- it's also a lot thicker and mroe textured than this paper, whcih I could call hay paper in tan.)I'm pretty happy with this journal. It's toughand sturdy. It's also on it's way to Brad in New york.

Some more pics:


Jeremy said...

Emailed you through ebay...and here's a follow-up. What I had wanted to do, was transcribe the Bible into journals. Obviously this is a huge undertaking that will consume many years....but I'd have no problem stocking up on journals as money (and production) permitted. Thus far, every example of your work I've seen has looked fantastic, and I would not be picky about them all looking the same, or whatever. If I was restricted to only a few of your journals for the project, rather than completing it with them, I would survive. Anyways, we'll see how things turn out.


Comfortable Shoes Studio said...

Hi Jeremy, i'd be happy to make you journals. I'm not sure you'll get this reply though!