Tuesday, May 17, 2005

On eBay

I just put this journal up on eBay

It is a 9 signature 180 page journal with light blue strathmore paper. The spine is reinforced with tyvek and I used eyelets to reinforce the station along the holes. I used my typical envelope flap and thong for the closure. I used an alternating long stitch forthe spine. The sewing is done in natural linen.

The leather is black and pebbly textured. I used a lightweight hand made marbled paper for the inside. The leather is soft and wonderfully textured.

If Iwere to put this up on the website it would be priced in the $24 to $29 range.

Check itout on eBay


Rose said...

Is that marbled leather on the inside? It's gorgeous.
I'm a book artist/librarian, and I'm really enjoying reading your blog.

Comfortable Shoes Studio said...

the leather is adhered to a lightweight handmade paper that is marbled.

Glad you like the blog!