Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Finished Smooth Black Goat Journal



I wrote about this journal the other day. The cover is the hide that I found stuck in a drawer. I think I really like goat hide, too bad its so darn expensive and hard to find. This one happened to be from Alberta and cheap on eBay.

Anway, it's up on eBay now.


Anonymous said...

Lovely journal. I like your choice of end papers. Do you like Keith Smith's quick leather bindings? I have a few of his other books and I was thinking of getting this one. I came to check out your blog from livejournal :)



Comfortable Shoes Studio said...

I wasn't as impressed with Quick Leather bindings as I was his others. The book focuses mainly on how to make covers- a process I discovered on my own quite some time ago. There aren't as many instructions in this book about new bindings, he focuses on using old styles with the quick leather bindings.

He also spends a lot of time railing against materials and complaining about things he doesn't like. This is his snootiest book yet.

That being said, I did like the bindings in the book. I've not had a chance to sew any up, it's on my lengthy to do list!

Anonymous said...

thanks for your opinion. Is there another book that you recommend to learn leather covers or is Keith Smith pretty much it?

I've had some fun working through some of his bindings in the other volumes. But there are lots to go...




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