Friday, June 10, 2005


Today was a productive day. I made 4 micro mini journals as you can see in my previous entries. I’ll be listing those on eBay.

I also managed to finish 2 travel-sized journals. One in distressed leather and the other in a cocoa brown leather. It’s one of the last cocoa brown leather covers I have left, so there won’t be many more of them. I’m trying to create a bit of a back stock in the journals for eBay, but it’s getting hard with the day job. Now that I screwed up and have to count inventory every other week it’s going to throw me off even more than I am now. I do plan on leaving early tomorrow, after my 11-hour shift yesterday I need to get out and work on things here. Today was really quite great. I left, having done a 7-hour shift and managed to get a lot done here. I did it all while watching TV.

So I’ve listed a bunch of things up on eBay, links are here:

Distressed Leather
Cocoa Brown Leather
Distressed Leather MIcro Mini Journal
Smooth Black Leather

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Anonymous said...

leslie - i'm on the artistsjournals2 list, and followed the links in one of your posts to look at your work. i'm in wakefield too! do you actually have studio space in town - or are you, like me, working out of your home? i'm 39, and a mixed media artist. i do web design by day and haven't yet got my own site up. lol. email me if you'd like to chat - i just thought it was so kewl that we're in the same town! --greta (