Sunday, March 11, 2007

Current eBay Sales

A quick note about my current eBay sales:

I have a sewing cradle up that is ending today, around 6 pm my time. See the cradle here.

I have 2 hedgehogs also ending today that will end around the same time as the sewing cradle, a little later though. This one has no bid

and this one is at the starting bid.

Also I have a book press ending late tomorrow night. The bidding on it is SUPER low right now, so you can get in now and hope that the bidding doesn’t go higher. You can see the book press here.

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Eric Carlson said...

Your auctions look good, and I think that it is really cool that you make your own books, and even cooler that you promote them on your blog.

I think that you might get a little more cross traffic from your Ebay auctions if in the title description you tell people:

Check out my Other Auctions for related items!

Also, it is great that you made an about me page, and it has great content, but you should drive people there by creating another link in your auction template (hopefully you are using one, even if you created it).

Good Luck with your auctions,

Eric, Ebay Selling Guide

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