Thursday, December 14, 2006

Journal #5 Youtube

Another You Tube post

Not quite as personal as the last but it's one of my first leather covered journals. I think I made it in 2002. I last wrote in it in 2005. It's survived a lot- my backpack for 2 years, camping and many moves.


Anonymous said...

Was that a design for a plough, about 50 seconds into the video.

Comfortable Shoes Studio said...

good eyes. Yes, as a matter of fact it is. When I first started to ell the leather journals on eBay I had a guy buy a journal and not like the rough fore-edge of a journal. It has been my only return. AS such it haunted me for awhile and I know that the only real way to work that is to use a plough. I couldn't and sll can't afford one, but I did design one. Too bad my woodworking skills are sub par. I tried to get my Dad to make one for me as his woodworking skills are phenomenal but e can't make sense of my drawings. At that point in time I designed and made a paper jogger, a wooden sewing frame and sewing cradle. All are very rough.

I re-designed a wooden book press and the sewing cradle and my brother is manufacturing them for me to sell on my website.... NOw If I can get him to do the plough...