Sunday, December 31, 2006

Common Bug

I know everyone is waiting (hopefully with baited breath) for me to post something about books, but I hope every one can bare with me for a little bit. It seems when I updated Firefox lat time, I didn't shut down properly and I lost all my bookmarks.

I can't express how annoying it is to have to re-enter in all my bookmarks, and how many I have possibly lost. It will take me forever to find them all again.

Anyway. I had planned on spending a huge amount of time int eh studio today, but it will be cutback by a little bit of time as I delve into this issue and backup my bookmarks VIA a variety of sources.


jgodsey said...

i use google as a home page and keep most of my bookmarks there, the odd oens i don't use all the time, i keep on i have lost mine too many times to depend on my browser.

Comfortable Shoes Studio said...

This is a first for me. In all the years I've had my own computer I have never lost any of my bookmarks. I just started up with I plan on this being the LAST time I log on and have no bookmarks.

Jack said...

I recently started making heavy use of myself after a bookmark-loss scare (I recovered mine, but the idea that I'd lost every good reference I knew online was a sobering one). I hope you link to your account so I can follow your links there.

nadavoid said...

I second the vote to inform us of your username. I'm pretty keen on keeping up with what you link to, especially bookmaking things.