Tuesday, February 22, 2022

Two versions of the same plates. One base color of blue- made from cereal box, then 3 loose plates for the branches. The 2nd image has the plates printed twice. for the first image I crumpled the base plate. The crumpled base plate works really well at creating a nice sky image. I think a rainbow roll could give it a nice sunrise image. i ended up wrinkling up the paper pretty badly, I need to pick up some decent paper I settled in with MΓΈ's latest album. #artistsofinstagram #printplay #printmaking I'm thinking this is the winning idea.

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Studio vibin' got Tidal playing tunes I'm not cool enough to discover and making class samples. This is a trash printmaking puzzle plate. A design is drawn into the plate. Lines incised, then it is cut apart and then inked individually before being pieced back together. This trash printmaking method can be inked intaglio or relief, this sample is relief. I used akua liquid inks since RAD was gifted a good sample of mixing colors by @mitchelka I did not ink them evenly since I want the kids to play around with ink rolling. Lots of options with #trashprintmaking and puzzle plates. #printplay #printmaking #ecofriendly #lesstoxicprintmaking

via Instagram https://instagr.am/p/CaSoOVavrlm/