Tuesday, December 21, 2021

Decided to make myself a little journal while I made a bunch for the teens that work in my studios. I decided to work some collage in it. I snagged a batch of antique maps, shared a few but snagged some for me. Laying down some basic journal pages. 40 super heavy weight pages, kid. Orange satin page marker and false end bands.handmade book cloth spine and hand printed covers. Pretty stoked with it. #bookbinding #printplay #artistsofinstagram #booklover

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No kids in my studio for a few more hours so I e got sleater-kinney on blast. A few mini book covers drying out and soon to go onto the blocks. All gelli printed and the book cloth pictured previously makes the spine. Wrists are KILLIN me tho. #worthit #bookbinding #printplay #gifts #maker

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It's been quite a long time since I made my own book cloth. Probably 10 or more years. cotton cloth printed with hello plates and acrylic paint. 1:3 pva:methyl cellulose for the glue. Long open time and dries clear and sturdy. Perfectly stiff for cutting to size and best of all not a bit of stretch. #bookbinding #printplay #printandbooksgotogether

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Saturday, November 13, 2021

A few plates I've been working on. These are more #trashprintmaking and use old food packaging with a glossy coat. I've used more wood glue with the resist technique and let it randomly bead up. These are quite a bit larger than most of my other pieces. Anyway, images of lady liberty.. I'm thinking of doing a blind emboss over the top of chain link. We'll see. #print #printmaking #collagraph #recycle

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I picked up a few slabs of this red rubbery off brand carving block. I like it quite a bit. It carved easily, holds details well enough and is cheap for a 2 pack of 6x9 pieces from block. I'll write up a review. But I'm planning to do a few No Brand Notebooks with this and some cool ink. This set up is for a 2 color front label similar to a composition notebook. #printmaking #art #relief #fun #makergonnamake

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When carving stamps and such, make sure your letters are reversed. Sigh. Finally tested red rubber out. It works, but isn't perfect. It has to be backed and to get a good impression you ha e to be careful. #printmaking #rubberstamp #carving

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Friday, October 15, 2021

Thursday, October 07, 2021

Wowow if you have ever bought gochugaru- Korean pepper flakes you know you use a lot of them for Korean cooking. I decided to grow my own Korean gochu- a hybrid called.Gochujang King. These dried pepper flakes consist of more than half my harvest. They are sweet and hot and amazing. Immense punch of flavor. Amazing variety that I picked up from @kitazawa_seed and will grow again. Pepper friends I'd be happy to send you a package of some seeds. I also grew Aleppo peppers which are so good too. #hotpeppers #growshit #eatgoodfood #hot #proudplantmom #grow

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Whoa, @penaddict and @writepads this things looks amazing at half full. Getting there. Thanks for this one @capsun #penaddict #stationery #RSVPstationerypodcast #fountainpen #pencils

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Wowowowow found these bits of printing history in a cabinet at @rawartworkslynn some antique @miltonbradley911 ink and some @speedball_art ink from when Pearl Paint was still around. Despite the cans being half sealed the ink is still good!!! Hey @speedball_art what year do you think those cans are from? #coolstuff #printmaking

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