Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Do you ever think about what you need at a bare minimum to create? This is on my mind often as I sit here in stay at home. With art all I need is a brush and ink or a pen as well as paper, better yet with a few shades of water color. I was thinking about video content and sound. Which led me to digging through our drawer of old cell phones. And that led me to this old LG Motion android. The camera does better than expected. But when combined with a lapel/lav mic it sounds great. I was shocked.sure the screen is small and low res, but I don't need that for sound. All this pictured fits into a small pouch and weighs next to nothing. I'm shocked at how great this tiny lapel mic sounds when plugged into this old phone. This combined with google drive let's me sync this with all my devices. Wild. Imagine this 20 years ago?!? #makergonnamake #maker #contentcreator #podcasting

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In week 7 of the stay at home I felt things shift, and stabilize, at home. Work is still off kilter. But i started to write again. Last week I reread a couple of my unfinished novels, the 2 that had been coming up for me. I was mentally chewing on them. I looked for my "book books" and didn't find them, when it dawned on me that I hadn't labeled these. So I dug through and found them, and labeled them. This one... the story has morphed and changed and I'm tweaking the outline so it fits better. Then Saturday i wrote 1500 words in a scene that was completely out of sequence. It flowed and it's not half bad. Anyway, I'm glad to notice this shift in myself and that I'm writing again. #amwriting #lesfic #manuscriptingpod #wlw #flf #assinchair #fingersonkeys #stationery #penaddict #pencils #writersofinstagram #writing #writer #showup

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