Thursday, November 09, 2006

POcket Notes

So I said I post some pictures of my cahier styled notebooks, here are 2. I've gone with a 2 pack on these. While making them I realized that I need a professional paper trimmer now. I'm looking into one of the big boys- a Dahle. It's got to be rotary. That being said here are my notebooks, sewn on a swing machine.

I think they turned out really well.


Anonymous said...

Wow, nice looking. Sure looks like a cahier stitching. How do you use a sewing machine to do the stitch. Do you just run the notebook across the needle. Wouldn't the needle break? What is the thread you are using?

Comfortable Shoes Studio said...

I use a heavy needle and regular quilting thread, it's a poly cotton blend. If you have a sewing machine and plan on doing something like this i suggest you head into your local sewing shop and talk to them about what kind of needle to use. Mine is the needle that one would use for denim, buy plenty as it dulls the heck out of them fast. I pre-fold the paper and cover clip it with binder clips and then run it under the machine, you need to be sure of yourself became the stitch needs to be perfectly straight, otherwise the notebook won't fold well.

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