Sunday, November 05, 2006


A quick update on the website.

I’ve found vendors for nearly everything. I plan on selling the following journals: Moleskine, Ciak, Xonex a hopefully Miquelrius. I’ll be adding products slowly to the line. My hope is to start with moleskine and add from there. I also plan on carrying a few essential pencils and drawing utensils. They will all be my favorites as is the plan with everything on the site.

I’m starting small; my plan is to start with moleskine pocket sketchbooks, large sketchbooks, and cahiers of both sizes. I’ll then start adding to that with lined moleskine and the other products I then plan on adding Xonex and Ciak to the mix.

As for pencils and pens I’m carrying Palomino pencils, Faber Castell Design 3800, Pitt pens, Pigma pens and black, blue and red G2s and minis.

After that I’ll be looking at watercolor sets and colored pencil sets.

I’m hoping to have the website up and running by January, rather that is the goal.


swan said...

I'm looking forward to your new shop. Moleskine are my journals of choice when I can't afford a handmade one for everyday things etc. I haven't heard of Ciak and Xonex, but will check them out once your store opens.
I don't know much about quality pens and pencils yet, so having someone supply them whose judgment about quality I trust will be great.

Comfortable Shoes Studio said...

Thanks for the complements I appreciate it. My hope is t I can bring the same philosophy of high quality and enjoyment for journaling to online retail as I do to my handmade books as such I'm only going to carry what I like and would recommend to my friends and family. If I can't tell my mom it would be nice to use it won't go on the site period. Ciak is a brand of handmade Italian made journals, leather impregnated with vinyl for stability and very nice paper. While pricey they are nice, Xonex is an american company with many of the same qualities as the Ciak but cheaper. I'm only carrying a few of their journals but I think that they are of course the best they manufacture. As for pens and pencils, I have a few favorites that many people wouldn't put on their list- like the EcoWriter, perhaps it because at heart I'm a tree hugger but also because its a DAMN fine pencil.