Sunday, June 12, 2022

I made myself a few journals out of recycled paper bags. These were extra large sized bags used to deliver bread to the grocery store. I collected a few from a recycler and had 3 that were torn. I cut them down and ended up with 3 books and some loose sheets. I'm planning to do more art journaling this summer. I'm adding gelli printing to the mix the last journal is my first to use. The last 2 pics are the pieces that I made one in a book and the other one a loose sheet. I read about some magat state rep stating he'd try to drown his kids if they were gay. Fuck that guy. This is the kind of crap queers in the US hear all the time. The stuff we contend with. Parents that laughingly joke that they'd kill their kids rather than love them if they were gay. Think before you speak, know that somewhere a kid is hearing your words and taking them in, absorbing that hate and thinking it'd be better to be dead than gay. Happy pride, I'm happy to be queer and alive. #pride #nocopsatpride #pridewasariot #prideisrevolutionary #livelife

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